Sunday, January 31, 2010

Unchanged still...

When i was a little one,
'n i wouldn't get what i desired,
i would have a moist cheek,
'n my eyes would taste like the sea

Then seeing the sad sea ,
you'd console me with the object of adore,
i would be all but happy,
i would yell that i didn't need it anymore...

As time swept the child within,
Corroded the flake of innocence thin,
A soul full of  emotions,
Molded and changed that object of desire

Caught with melancholy and  ire,
i could not smile at the impotence of love,
Resolve had deserted me on my own,
To rue the days when i could yell 'n shed a tear...


pranay said...

star as in the sky...
moon as in my dreams...
bt nt yet tht of being one like da sun in da univrs...
ok dis words encrgd me to think so thnx chap..
keep it up....

Som said...

Great !!!

indradip said...

Hey my owner I don’t know where u are,
Where in the world how near or far.
For where I lie only darkness prevails,
The water sucks light leaving no trail.
For how long I’m here I have lost the count,
The abyss and the tide moving me around.
My eyes once shiny, polished to spark,
Has turned bleary n dull in the dark.
But from here in the depths where I lie,
I see the way how everything die.
Truth be spoken I’m happy down here,
Away from the buzz with you there.
For all that I feel feeds despair,
So I call you just to share.


Hello darkness my old friend.
I have come to talk with u again.
Because a vision softly creeping.
Left its seeds when I was sleeping.
And the vision that was planted in my brain.
Still remains within the sounds of silence.
In restless dreams I walked alone.
Narrow streets of cobbled stone.
Fuzzy halo of a street lamp.
I turned my collar to the cold and damp.
When my eyes was strained by the flash of neon light.
Split the night.
And touch the sound of silence.
And in the middle there I saw.
Ten thousand people may be more.
People talking without speaking.
People hearing without listening.
People writing songs..that voices never share.
In the lair..of the almighty odd one.
Look what u have done.
You call them faceless children.
During childhood eating their brain.
But the question still remain.
Where u abstain.
And put them on their way.
Without knowing how to stay.
Thinking with each passing day.
Feeling why we were born.
To adorn..a world that’s set on fire.
By the endless desire.
All hopes to reach so higher.
Rushing on so dire.
With needs..the seeds of your early work.
Teaching them how to bark.
And lying here in the dark.
I watch them fish like the shark.
In a world that was for them.
To love and remain.
But the stain..they all carry.
In their heart when they bury.
Their soul.
For the role.
In the games that you play.
Through the seasons night and day....


Som said...

bah !
uttal likhechish to...
ekta blog khulke fel diye post kor! e giye register kore fel ...

Shubhashish Bhowmik said...

Too good to comment any thing. Simply hats off to you and som.

since this is unchanged still so let me write my view which is still unchanged

I m free.
I m free from bondage,
I m free from audacity,
i m free from slavery,

there is a bloodied slave in us,
who rose to his feet,
thrust his hand,
into his defiant chest,
tore out his own heart,
throw it at the aggressor,
saying, "i m free"

Nothing could sway me, nothing,
Not even surrender,
immovable, he was immovable!
a mountain, a colossus

I m still free....