Sunday, January 31, 2010

Unchanged still...

When i was a little one,
'n i wouldn't get what i desired,
i would have a moist cheek,
'n my eyes would taste like the sea

Then seeing the sad sea ,
you'd console me with the object of adore,
i would be all but happy,
i would yell that i didn't need it anymore...

As time swept the child within,
Corroded the flake of innocence thin,
A soul full of  emotions,
Molded and changed that object of desire

Caught with melancholy and  ire,
i could not smile at the impotence of love,
Resolve had deserted me on my own,
To rue the days when i could yell 'n shed a tear...

Friday, January 15, 2010

Drafting the first act


Just finished drafting the text for the first act. Lots of work to do :(  .
First is to create a template on which the characters can speak/recite on and yes write the song dialogue. It is really tough. But hell!, i am enjoying it.
The theme is friendship , as i think i have been blessed with real good friends and this is one way i feel i can show my thankfulness to the gems and angels.
This has borne out of a lot of reflection that no matter what happens there is a very basic chord that binds real friends and no damn thing can snap it.
Friends will always be together...  
This will be my tribute to the three pillars of my life.
Friendship has come in so many forms and with so many layers that i could not help but write my first(and hope not the last) song drama to remember them and for anyone who reads the writing to know MY friends , the ones i will be proud of having shared so many moments with till i rest finally.

The principal characters would be "the he,the girl , she and his friend". And how his world changes/revolves/happens around these characters.
My plan is to keep it in a dialogue style  interspersed with songs describing occasional emotional extremities.

So no names! As i thought that would cut a dimension off friendship. The story will have its own share of fiction just for the drama but the moments and emotions would be , i swear real!

Gosh writing the first text draft has made me so nostalgic and well ! Sleepy...
I'd rather zzzzzzzzzzz............


Monday, January 11, 2010

My faaavvvv. Pair...

Ah the three act thing is going to take longer than i had actually thought.
Lots of organized thought required , maybe that is the reason some people talk about something called a  "creative break"...

Any ways just before i take the plunge into the depths of  drama , i thought it would be a good idea to pay tribute to one of the most treasured things of my life...

My absolute favourite pair,
the reason for all the flair,
went on  a holiday,
on that fateful Friday...

It made me so different,
Everything was similar by way of the color,
It made me so similar,
Everyone was so lured by desire...

The silly wave had a plan so sinister,
if only i had known its desire that day,
i wouldn't have taken my favourite pair,
surely not to see it float away...

...In memory of my very first pair of sunglasses
...that now rest at the bed of the ocean...

Monday, January 4, 2010

WishList 2010

Ooh a pretty long list,

i)I absolutely need to complete my goal for a long time of writing a three-act-song drama....Its going to be tough but i will have to...

ii)Put the thing to tune...(Hell this is going to take time)...I might just take the libery of tinkering with this proposition or contemplate a easier alternative and that won't be cheating!

iii)Continue learning guitar from where i had slipped into a leisurely break...

iv)Breathe and well ! ,
    keep the job...

Its a pretty long list with chances of this spilling over to the next year very high.  :)
But i have to have to write up that three act song thing...

Wish me luck friends!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!