Monday, January 11, 2010

My faaavvvv. Pair...

Ah the three act thing is going to take longer than i had actually thought.
Lots of organized thought required , maybe that is the reason some people talk about something called a  "creative break"...

Any ways just before i take the plunge into the depths of  drama , i thought it would be a good idea to pay tribute to one of the most treasured things of my life...

My absolute favourite pair,
the reason for all the flair,
went on  a holiday,
on that fateful Friday...

It made me so different,
Everything was similar by way of the color,
It made me so similar,
Everyone was so lured by desire...

The silly wave had a plan so sinister,
if only i had known its desire that day,
i wouldn't have taken my favourite pair,
surely not to see it float away...

...In memory of my very first pair of sunglasses
...that now rest at the bed of the ocean...


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Shubhashish Bhowmik said...

To your fav pairs

it was a wonderful day,
it was filled with fun and sway,
there comes the ocean to play,
we found it humorous and stay,

we clicked together,
we stay together,
we moved far,
mysteriously apart,

there comes a wave,
in a rave,
all stand together ,
but lost my glasses forever...