Sunday, November 29, 2009

The kid in the woods

The woods are dark,
'tis a prison for the damned,
We met in the woods,
With the pain in the dark...

The ball from the kid's hands,
Came rollin' towards me,
The moment still and the sound of the dry leaves,
'Knew was stuck on the other side...

Kiddo was happy , i afraid,
Kiddo playin' , i still,
The crow was looking for me,
i knew , oh , i knew ...

Engulfed in the black,
i followed kiddo,
Trying to run from the woods,
Put an end to this nightmare...

Kiddo' playfully ran,
No sign of the Sun,
Moonlight hidden from us,
i treaded the terrain as he did......

Only to find me,
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