Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Happiness:An Abstraction?

How many times have we seen people real happy?
Well for me the answer would be umm! lemme see! well ... dont know maybe 1 or two maybe none...
This thought has been distracting me too often and I just decided to key them down on my CRT and let go...
Vedas and every spiritual sect says happiness is an abstraction.
i)A puff of smoke from my cigar gives me happiness.
ii)Fat salary at the end of a working month gets me happiness.
iii)A few shots of tequila does!!!
and so on and so forth.

All I know is happiness is a result of bio-chemical reaction taking place in our body because of teh secretion of certain hormones and enzymes. And I get that feeling not at the cost of others will be good enough.
Is'nt the thought that I have never done any harm to any one the biggest thing to be happy about?
Happiness is the waterfall of joy formed by cascades of the better deeds of ones life.
Well this is another way of looking at it...
What do you think my friend?
Or maybe Happiness is just a state of mind. But wait a sec isn't it all linked???

A state of mind that is the destiny of a person who sums up the good deeds of his life into that waterfall of positive emotions and derive happiness from that ...

Dont know whether much of that made sense but I am real hapy now after writing a post on my blog in a long time...
Hope to get better next time around.


benkiiii said...

i liked this one the most. probably because of that line where you say the fact that you havent wished ill for anyone is the greatest source of happiness. or something like that.....i didnt know you wrote so well!!! :)))))

Som - Sach is Life said...

And i almost gave up writing , thinking that this was the worst i could get to....
Thanks Benki again for motivating me ONCE again!!!!!!