Sunday, October 7, 2007

The serious ILLNESS of LOGIC

This is one strange experience I had the other day.It was one typically hot Kolkata afternoon and I was travelling in a cab.I had a Lazy look out of the cab's window and saw a well ! insane woman standing on the footpath and singing a melodic strain. No ! I am not trying to be a 'Wordsworth' here.But there was something about the way she looked that made me feel that here is a lady who thinks singing a song on a footpath at the highest pitch is as normal as asking some traveller what the time is.
Just then the cab driver told his aide "Do you know there are insane people of all ages in KOLKATA ".
And I thought these downtrodden people should be finding us 'the sane' equally illogical and irrartional.Yes ! defintely there is a parallel existance in our day to day lives. These people are equally disapprove of our so called rational activities.
I smiled unknowingly thinking all of us are two sides of the very same coin and the SErious illness of LOgic is the fact that it tries to counter itself too often.


Amit said...

Udma.. Udma..
Looking forward to more articles..

Som said...

Thanks a lot for the appreciation...
Please review the other writeups too...