Sunday, October 28, 2007

Celebration of life in a moment

Yeah man!!! Yesterday was a dull day.Was feeling bored and drained out.I turned on the radio and heard a song "SeeSaw" of PinkFloyd playing.The song took me to my childhood, and I realized that life is not that BAD as we make it out to be. It has given so many moments to cherish and learn from that I decided to try and write up something as a tribute to one of the most important boons of life MOMENTS.And each moment has threed imensions past,present and future.

Celebration of life in a moment
One more dry smoky afternoon,
Of a day that would never come again,
I see the faces from the window panes,
Staring out to see it all...

Old story books on the shelf,
Reminds us of our schooldays,
The up n down of the seesaw,
And the whirl of my fair lady...

The bird spreads it's wings,
For it's first flight across the cliff,
And you pray to the Allmighty,
To let it float and fly...

Every moment is lost in the next,
Nature of time is linear,
And it will never be back,
Yes ! the clock wont tick back...

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